Here are a few ways you can help support the project:

• become a sponsor of the upcoming traveling exhibition

• help bring the book launch/traveling exhibition to your city

• if you write/blog/podcast etc., do a story about the project

• if you are an educator, include these stories in your lessons

• share these stories with your friends and use the hashtag #findingamerican

• research your own family’s migration history (it’s humbling)

• reach out to a neighbor with a different background than yourself and learn more about their story

• volunteer with / donate to a local organization that is working to help newcomers adjust to life in your city

• This project is a labor of love and passion. If you would like to support its continuation, it would be greatly appreciated!

Please email findingamerican [at] if you have any questions or want to connect. Thank you for your support in bringing these important stories to the world!

– Colin Boyd Shafer